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Cancelling and

If you want to change the name of your proposed newsgroup

You have proposed a group and have re-thought or gotten suggestions on better placement of the group. Now, you want to change the name on the proposal.

There are 2 steps to this process.


You can NOT CHANGE THE NAME of a group ONCE IT HAS BEEN CREATED. If it has been voted in and is now on the Topic List, you are stuck with it forever.

There is also no way at this time to delete an existing group.

Step #1

The first step is to CANCEL the initial proposal. The reason this comes first is because the bot (the automated system) will only accept one proposal per webtv box (not per user) per month. Therefore you must wipe out the initial proposal before trying to submit another one. The bot will simply disregard the new proposal if the old one is still in it's system.

You must use the same User Name to cancel the proposal as you used to initially propose it. This is so that no one else can cancel your proposal.

To CANCEL a newsgroup proposal, go to: s.cgi

You will see a clickable line on the page that says "Cancel Your Proposal". Click on it and it will take you to a page to fill out the information. There are instructions on the page.

Step #2

To RE-Propose with another name, use the link at the top of the page "Propose An Alt.Discuss Group" and propose the group with the new name, just like you did the first time.

You will not get an e-mail or anything in return. To find out if your cancellation and re-proposal went through you must wait until the new Daily Vote List gets updated by The Daily Vote List is posted automatically (it is part of the bot system) in alt.discuss and alt.discuss.config every morning at 1:00 AM Pacific time.

Your old proposal should have been deleted from the list, and the new proposal should now be on the list and ready for votes.

A Note About The VOTES

When you CANCEL the original proposal, you loose all the votes you have gotten under that name. They do not get transfered to the newly proposed group. You loose both the "YES" and the "NO" votes. So you are starting from scratch again.

This can be very beneficial if your group has received a lot of "NO" votes, but can seem to be a drag if you have gotten a number of "YES" votes already. You will have to campaign for new votes under the new name.
NOTE: You cannot re-propose with the same name just to erase the "no" votes. The Bot will not accept the same name again for another 180 days.

Also, it is worthwhile to post about the new proposal in alt.discuss.config because it seems that occasionally the bot doesn't post the new proposal even though it usually does.

Now for a personal comment. I want to
Thank You
for choosing to re-propose your group under a new name that will fit better within the existing hierarchy of alt.discuss. You have shown caring and concern for the Community of alt.discuss.posters, and consideration for the future.

I really appreciate your effort.

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