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If you are here, then you probably want to propose a newsgroup, or are new to alt.discuss, the WebTV ONLY "firewalled" newsgroups at news:alt.discuss.

This site basically covers the most Frequently Asked Questions at alt.discuss.config and some History of how the alt.discuss newsgroups came about. But there are other things here too, all related to the alt.discuss hierarchy, so just look around and Enjoy!

If there is another website that a WebTV user has created to cover one or more of these subjects, it will be linked at the bottom of each appropriate page.

I have created this site for info, not to push my own philosophies. Therefore I may not personally agree with the content on any of the linked pages. If you are posting in alt.discuss (which is an adult forum) then I can only assume that you are an adult and can make your own choices and decisions on any linked site's information :-)

You can also find all of the WebTV user website links included throughout this site in the listing below. I've placed them all here so you can save this one page an have all of them right at your fingertips.

To navigate this site, please choose a section by going to the Table Of Contents or using the links at the bottom of each page.

Thanks, robin-of-lox


The Voting Pages The easiest way to vote without having to validate every button you come across. Volunteers (Sandi B. and P.O.BOX) keep the pages updated in a timely fashion.

Return-To-Oz's Newsgroup List Every one of the groups in alphabetical order. Be WARNED, this list contains all the sex groups and other ones you may find offensive. Every one is "clickable" to take you right to the group.

Anthony S' Newsgroup List All the groups in alphabetical order (except the sex groups, due to Tripod's rule). No sub-group pages, they are all listed on one easy to see page.

Penryn's Newsgroups HOME The largest collection of early newsgroup Charters for alt.discuss in one place, with lots of other info. (This page is no longer being updated but it is still on-line and available).

Charters The later groups' Charters (since mid 1998) archived by P.O.BOX and Sandi B. of the Voting Pages.

Windstorm's alt.discuss Help A large site with much information on many of the topics and questions that commonly come up about alt.discuss.

Alpha-to-Omega's alt.discuss Site Lots of info on how to propose an alt.discuss group, how to get votes for it, and other alt.discuss information.

GateKeeper's alt.discuss Page Some good info and one user's opinions about alt.discuss. Explanations of "Flaming" and "Trolls" are included.

Datipster's Proposing a Newsgroup A good and simple general overview of the Creation and Voting Rules. An automated way to Propose, Cancel, Vote, and a Button Maker.

Cornburglar's Newsgroup Naming FAQ An in depth explanation about how to Name your newsgroup. Set up in a question-and-answer format, it is easy to follow.

MentalWard's 70 Yes Votes In 7 Days A day by day guide to how to solicit for Yes votes for your proposed newsgroup. Please make sure you hit on each link as they come up, as he exhorts, because without the additinal information provided, your group will probably not pass.

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