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Introducing Yourself

          Different types of groups call for different types of introductions. What may be correct netiquette in one can be a fatal blunder in another.

          Always (_always_) lurk (read) for while to get a feel for the group before you post. Read many posts and full threads. Scroll through the group and see if the first page differs from the others. Some groups are trolled at different times so what might look like a silly or flame group may be just the results of being trolled.

          Check at and scroll down to the bottom for the Charter Archives. Read the charter for the group prior to posting in it.

          In a HELP group, it is acceptable to simply post your question with no formal introduction at all. Just make sure the Subject line states the context of the question (ie, in you would post: "groups about cooking?" rather than just "need help"). Do scroll through the help group before posting and see if your question has already been answered.

          In a FLAME group it can be acceptable to simply start replying to the threads. Sometimes it is OK to start a new thread as a way of introducing yourself. But if you are going to participate in any of the Flame groups, you will need to lurk and see how the regulars handle new people. You will probably get blasted immediately and if you are not ready for that, you are not ready for the Flame groups.

          In a TALK group it is _really_ necessary to Lurk. A polite "Hello, I'm new" post is recommended, and then responses to the ongoing threads. It is usually considered quite rude to start new topics and subjects before the people get to know you, especially if you have not responded to the existing threads. It can be taken as an indication that the conversations underway are not good enough or interesting enough for you. This puts the others on the defensive and makes for a less than welcoming environment.

          In all the groups it is recommended that you read them first. That way you will see how other new people introduce themselves and how the regular posters in the group have responded to the introductions.

          Also remember, if a group is being trolled, you may not get any responses from the regular posters. They will not know if you are also one of the trolls or not. So it is either better to wait and return to the group in a month or so, or very carefully and politely say hello and start responding to existing threads and post completely on-topic. Until the others get to know you and trust you, you will need to tip-toe for a little while in a trolled group.

          Sometimes, when you have lurked in a group for a while, and you feel comfortable with the participants, you may post an introduction and not get much response. That may hurt your feelings, since you may like the regulars in the group. This can be because of a False Sense Of Familiarity. While you may have learned all sorts of things about the regular posters, you have to remember that they do not know anything about you. As you follow the steps outlined above they will get to know you and probably accept you. Remember, you have lurked and know about them, they have never seen you before.

The alt.discuss groups are a great deal of fun and you can find just about any subject you want to talk about here.

Welcome to alt.discuss!

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