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GroupNameHere is a WebTV ONLY NewsGroup behind the WebTV "firewall" at news:alt.discuss.

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This NewsGroup Covers The Following Topics:
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This group does NOT cover HTML, Tips & Tricks, "Newbie" Information, etc. There are many other alt.discuss groups that do cover these subjects. You are invited to utilize and enjoy all of the groups in the news:alt.discuss heirarchy.
(Change this in whatever way necessary if in fact the group _does_ cover any of the above information.)

HISTORY was proposed on (date of proposal). You can include your name (the original proposer) and explain here why you want to create this particular group.


Are There Rules For Posting In GroupNameHere?
There are no Rules but there are Guidelines: (or, there ARE Rules, the choice is yours)
1) NO flaming, no name calling.
2) We treat everyone with respect and consideration.
3) Trolls are to be ignored and not responded to (that is the only way to get rid of them).
4) No one tries to force their opinions or belief systems down anyone else's throat.
5) Enjoy!
(you can rework any of the above guidelines to suit the group's intentions).

Is This Group Moderated?
No, it is not. I have no control over what is posted. I cannot delete posts, or change them, or anything.
(you can rewrite this in any form you choose, but the question is good to have and answer, as many new people don't know if a group is moderated or not.)

Who Can Post In GroupNameHere?
Anyone with a WebTV terminal and WebTV service has access to this NewsGroup.

What Can I Do If I Have A Problem With Someone Who Posts Here? Please e-mail me at (or whatever e-mail address you choose). We will discuss the problem and seek a solution together. (Obviously, don't include this if you do not want to be e-mailed.)

What Does YourNameHere Do In GroupNameHere?
This is where you explain how much input you plan to have in the group.

Who Is YourNameHere Anyway?
A little bit about you in relation to the group's subject. ie: I am an avid collector (if this is a collecting group) or I am a great fan of (if this is a fan group) or something along those lines.

(This is the layout I used for the
Charter for news:alt.discuss.openmind )

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