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This site is currently (and constantly) under construction.

Table Of Contents

Intro What this site is all about, and the Links to the other Websites available about alt.discuss.

New Users A section devoted to the basics of alt.discuss.

Tidbits A respository for all the odd little things that don't belong under any of the other categories, but are interesting and worth having available here.

Naming The Hows and Whys of alt.discuss Newsgroup Naming.

Charters How and Why to write a Charter and/or a FAQ for your group. Also Templates you can use for your Charter.

Proposing How and Why to PRE-propose and officially propose your newsgroup. Also Soliciting For Votes.

Newsgroup Creation Rules The official Newsgroup Creation Rules.

Maintenance What happens after the group is passed and the basics on how to get the group started and succesful.

Trolling What it is, what to do about it. How Shunning works.

Usenet Info on How to Access and Post to Usenet, the Newsgroups that Computer users and WebTV users can all utilize.

History Different people's recollections about how the webtv only newsgroups started.
There are many pages here. This link will take you to the Table Of Contents for this History section.

Archive The Clubwebtv column "Welcome to alt.discuss" that I (robin-of-lox) wrote from 6/98 thru 3/99.

Table Of Contents o Intro o New Users
Naming o Charter Creation o Proposing
Group Maintenance
Usenet o History o Archive