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New Users
Table Of

New Users

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A section devoted to all the extra little things that are of importance when choosing to post in Newsgroups.

Most of this information is posted monthly in along with monthly information posts by others.

Welcome to alt.discuss!
Some very basic information on what the alt.discuss newsgroups are, how they differ from Chat, the fact that they are Adult Forums, etc.

Where is alt.discuss located? WebTV's servers or Usenet?

The Charter for the newsgroup
The first stop for anyone new, or not so new, to the alt.discuss hierarchy.

An explanation of the newsgroup alt.discuss.config.

Config 2
An explanation of what the similarities are between the Usenet config groups and the alt.discuss.config group. Also covering the time necessary lurking in the group prior to posting, and why.

Including Previous Posts In Your Own
Why do people use Cut & Paste in alt.discuss posts?

Understanding the Post Count
Including: Why do groups lose posts?

Introducing Yourself
Different types of groups call for different types of introductions.

HTML in alt.discuss
Using HTML in alt.discuss VS Usenet (where you should never post with HTML in your signature).