How To Use The Charter Pages and Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Why were the voting pages created?

A: To quote PO-BOX: "When I first started getting into config and proposing, voting and all, I used to use another voting page...all of a sudden the page was never updated and I really wanted to vote on the new proposals...sooooo I started working on my own personal voting page so I could just click away and vote till the cows came home....well anyway I decided to post it in case others wanted to use it too."

Update: The voting pages have been renamed and are now called The Charter Pages. This came about after the new voting rules went into effect. Email based voting is no longer allowed so we removed the vote buttons and decided to continue updating the pages. The only difference now is the pages are strictly for archiving purposes.

Q: How do I use the Voting Pages?

A: Right beside each newsgroup proposal is a "vote here" button. Simply click on any of the vote here buttons and you will be taken to the new Official Voting Pages located here. To learn more about the group you are going to vote on, click on the word "Charter" next to each proposal and you will be taken to a page that contains the groups charter. We include the charter so you can be a more informed voter.

Q: How often are the Voting Pages updated?

A: The Voting Pages are updated daily to the best of our ability. Sometime real life prevents us from doing a daily update but we will get the new proposals up as soon as possible.

Update: We will continue to update the charter pages and attempt to keep the front pages as updated as possible.

Q: Why are some proposals missing from the Voting Pages?

A: Due to Tripod's Terms of Service, some proposals will not be placed on the Voting Pages if they can be seen as offensive to Tripod.

Q: How do I manually cast my vote?

A: You can manually send in your vote by sending an email to To learn exactly how to do this, click here for the complete instructions.

Update: Email based voting is no longer available. All votes must now be cast at the official voting pages located here

Q: What do the dates represent after each proposal?

A: The dates after each proposal are the dates the proposal was added to the Voting Pages. The dates are added so you can find new proposals easier and you won't have to remember which groups you have already voted for.

Q: What is the difference between terminated and cancelled?

A: When you see the word "terminated" after a proposal, that means the proposal was cancelled by the computer because the group did not receive enough yes votes in the 30 day period to pass. When you see the word "cancelled", that means the proposal was cancelled by the proposer of the group.

Q: What is the Charter?

A: The charter link takes you to a copy of the original charter submitted by the proposer of each group. A charter is the proposers ideas on the topic of the newsgroup and any rules that might apply.

Update: Modifying charters is now being allowed as part of the new voting process. Revisions can only be done during the first 5 days after a group has been proposed and each proposal is allowed only 3 revisions during that 5 day period. We will be archiving all of these revisions as a service to the users of these pages.

Update: Newsgroup proposals must now go through a mandatory 7 day pre-proposal stage. During this time, the charter may be modified or ammended up to 3 times. After the 7 day pre-proposal stage is up, the proposal becomes an official proposal and voting begins. Once voting begins, the charters may not be changed.

Due to the amount of work involved, we will not be archiving the pre-proposals. We will only archive the charters once the proposal has moved to the voting stage.

If you wish to contribute to the discussions on the pre-proposals, go to news:alt.discuss.config and voice your opinions. It is your right as a WebTV subscriber.

Warning: Please remember to voice your opinions in a civil manner. Alt.discuss.config is now semi-moderated. If you do not post in a civil manner, you could be banned from ever posting there again.

Q: What is voting fraud?

A: Voting fraud is when someone makes a voting button and instead of sending in a no vote, the button sends in a yes vote for a particular group. A general rule is to never click on voting buttons in people signatures unless you bounce the email and verify that the button is correct.

Update: Due to the new voting procedures, voting fraud has been eliminated.

Q: What do I do if I find a mistake in the voting buttons?

A: Email immediately if you find an error. We will fix the problem right away. We do everything in our power to make sure each and every voting button is correct. Typos can occur so we try our best not to make them.

Q: Who are REDSANDLE and PO-BOX?

A: PO-BOX is the creator of the voting pages. He has put in many hours of his free time to create a voting page that is easy to use. Realizing the amount of time involved in keeping the pages updated, REDSANDLE aka Sandi, volunteered to help PO-BOX update the pages. They work together to make the Voting Pages as easy as possible to use.