Group: alt.discuss Date: Mon, Feb 14, 2000, 1:00am From:


Charter for

This would be an attempt to utilize the alt.discuss.advice category a little further in that it would create a secondary group to the hierarchy. This group is being created due to the popularity of the alt.discuss.advice.relationships group. The working charter of would be as follows:

A place that persons may get advice in the area of dating, this is before the relationship begins, and would at many times not be a relation per say. Things that would be on the topical charter for this group would be: Interesting Ideas for dates, Suggestions for ideas for a date, Mannerisms for the "dating scene", How to get a date, The Best "Pick Up Lines" to use to get that phone number of someone special.As well as anything dealing with the dating scene. This group would differentiate from the alt.discuss.advice.relationships group in that it would allow for the questioners to ask advice strictly on the matter of dating, and not the long term questions of relationships.

Creation Date: Mar 3, 2000