Group: alt.discuss Date: Wed, Jan 19, 2000, 1:45pm From:

Proposal: alt.discuss.announce.clubs

Charter for alt.discuss.announce.clubs:

alt.discuss.announce.clubs is a group for advertising your club group, explaining whether it is an "open" or "closed" group, and posting your charter.

This is _not_ a group for announcing a "regular" alt.discuss group, that is to be handled in news:alt.discuss.announce.

Flames, trolling, and off-topic posts are frowned upon and should be ignored.

This is an OPEN alt.discuss "regular" group, so no moderation of any kind exists here. No one in particular "hosts" this group, it is simply for informational posts about the club groups.

Any arguments about who may or may not be allowed to post in someone's club will be off-topic. If anyone bans someone else from posting in their club group, that is their perogative.

This group was proposed by robin-of-lox as a service to the alt.discuss.clubs community. I am not planning on "hosting" this group.


Creation Date: Jan 27, 2000