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Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.books.authors.v-c-andrews

alt.discuss.books.authors.v-c-andrews is a news group that cover the issues about the author, V.C. Andrews and her writing.

Here is her latest writing. V.C. Andrews is known as an author that wrote and starred in her debut novel, Flowers in the Attic, which Kristy Swanson and Louise Fletcher were starred in.

Her previous series was the Orphans Miniseries. The titles are: Butterfly, Crystal, Brooke, and Raven. They were released last summer. The series conclusion, Runaways, was out last winter. The series is about four lone orphan girls being adopted or took in and how they're "mistreated". At the end of first four "mini-novels", they were sent to foster home where they're united.

The current series is the Wildflowers Miniseries. Misty and Star are available in retail and online bookstores. Jade and Cat will be out between end of this month and October. The series conclusion, Into the Garde, will be out this December. The series focus on each four girls who are children of divorce and how divorce affect them. They're together in therapy group led by a doctor who is also child of divorce.

The upcoming series is the Arnolds Series. The series will start in February with "Rain" who is a biracial girl searching for her identity and hertiage. Following "Rain" are two books, Shower of Tears and Eye of the Storm.

The purpose of this group is to discuss and share information about V.C. Andrews, the ghostwriter, and her writing.

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