Group: alt.discuss.config Date: Thu, Jan 7, 1999, 8:10am From:

Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.britain.royal-family

This is a news group I am very interested in creating. The subject of the British Royal family is indeed fascinating and intrigueing, to me and many others. For all ages would be welcome in the group to share their views, post questions, and it would be an all around nice place to chat about the subject of the British Royal family.

The news groups with a subject of royalty already existing in alt.discuss are for royalty in general, not a specific royal family. Indeed, many many people love learning about this particular family, so, it is a long needed group.

Please, e-mail me if you have suggestions, and please vote yes for this group if you are interested in it being creating, as I am very interested in it being created. Thank you very much for your time.



Creation Date: Feb 6, 1999