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Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.cats.pride

This is for an already established cat group that revitalized the web tv pride group. We want to be named with cats as that is our main topic. All cat lovers are welcome. We ask that there be respect for one another. Ignore ALL flamers & trolls. Nothing is off topic (within reason) We are here mostly to discuss our cats & share the pride we have for them & for the group of already close friends. This will be a family oriented group so we need to be aware of what we say as there may be little ones lurking.

Thank You

Addition to charter 10-5-99:

This is a group about cats. Nothing is off topic WITHIN REASON. Anything crude & or offensive & meant to disrupt the group WILL be forwarded to abuse. All are welcome but are asked to adhere to these things: Ignore ALL flamers & trolls. If you come in as a new poster & see that one or more individuals are being ignored--It is because they have been disruptive & are considered a flamer & or troll. You are asked that if you wish to speak with these disruptive individuals to take it to personal email. If you choose to repond in the group to these individuals then your posts will be ignored. If you post to these individuals then you are making them feel like they are wanted & that their disruptiveness is acceptable. If you don't think what is being asked is right or that you can't adhere to it then it is strongly suggested that you seek another group. Thank You.

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