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Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.cats.wild

I would like to propose a new group named alt.discuss.cats.wild. The main topic would of course be the wild cats such as lions, tigers, cheetahs, mountain lions, pumas, lynx, bobcats, panthers etc. Pics and info of things relating to the wild cats(natural surroundings, prey, etc.) would also be on topic. Off topic posts, spamming, trolling, and flaming would be discouraged. It will be encouraged that all such posts would be ignored. I think this group would help people to see the beauty of these animals. It would also wake some up to what we are doing to their homes. So many are afraid of them and think they are beasts. We that love and understand them, know differently. It's all about instinct and survival. Many love those big misunderstood cats.

alt.discuss.cats.wild has been deleted

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Creation Date: Aug 27, 1999
Deletion Date: Aug 2000