Charter/discription for alt.discuss.confer

This group actually started as a "renegade" newsgroup, being a pioneer in the news:w. hierarchy by "taking over" the then empty and unused news:w.config in mid-July of 1997. The mind behind this project was Yankeefan1, seeing a void for a group in which both extreme issues and somewhat light hearted in the other newsgroups in the hierarchy, mostly because the groups that were for this type of discussion were mostly empty.

Config became CONFIG [Created, Organized, and Newly-Formed In Greatness], with the group flourishing in it's first couple of weeks. Then, around the second week of August of that year, the creator of the news:w. heirarchy [now called the news:alt.discuss heirarchy], David Mack, came back, thus moving the group out of w.config. Wanting a place for the newsgroup, it's creator asked "DMack" for a new newsgroup, and thus w.confer was formed.

Now, however, the newsgroup has hit hard times, barely even cracking the 100 post mark at times. This can be attributed to spammers that clutter the newsgroup, but also because it's creator and supposed care-taker has been busy. But, don't let this discourage you from visiting the group and posting.

In fact, Yankeefan1 encourages all to come and let alt.discuss.confer become what it was meant to be, a place for all topics, of all natures, but always having an equal number of types of topics and talk occuring.

-information provided by Yankeefan1


Creation Date: Aug 1997