Charter/discription for alt.discuss.confessions

At first, Confessions wasn't posted in too much. I mean . . . how many people are going to confess their deepest, darkest secrets on-line? ; ) Then, it was adopted by a couple in love who added posts each day confessing their love to each other. They used nice music and pictures and threw in a little sex here and there.

But everyone knew they were definately in love. Pretty soon, many people would check in on this couple to see what they were up to ~ almost like Web TV's ongoing soap opera. Amidst this, occasionally a poster would show up with their own confession too.

The group was taken over by a few posters who were jealous of the attention perhaps this young couple in love was getting. And, to this date, it has unfortunately become more of a flame group than a confessions group at all. But, I must confess... only time will tell the future of news:alt.discuss.confessions. ; )

-information provided by Jovanna


Creation Date: July 1997