Charter for alt.discuss.config

news:alt.discuss.config is the group that discusses the hierarchy and the structure of alt.discuss. ( webtv only)

Posts considered On-Topic include:
     The Newsgroup Creation & Voting Rules.
  The Daily Status List.
  The Top 25 Newsgroups.
  Voting Fraud proof.
  Links to the Voting Pages.
  Proposals of new newsgroups.
  Pre-proposals of new newsgroups.
  Deletion of newsgroups.

      Responses to Pre-proposals and Proposals about the name chosen or the need for the proposed new newsgroup.

     Questions about how the hierarchy works and/or is set up.   Answers to those questions.

     Educational posts on the hierarchy.

      Anything relating (on-topic) to the hierarchy or structure that you want to be seen by

At times, certain proposals will generate extra discussion. It is recommended that news:alt.discuss.config.newtons be used for responses that do not fall within the "on-topic" categories.

Flaming is frowned upon. There are other groups specifically set up for that purpose.