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Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.conversation.chit-chat

news:alt.discuss.conversation.chit-chat is a Newsgroup for those that desire some interesting conversation, a few laughs, a place to call home in cyberspace, and the opportunity to meet future friends.

This Newsgroup will be a general discussion, with the emphasis on getting to know one another at a slow and easy pace. No heavy topics are required. There will be fun contests and other activities, as per the desire of the regular posters.

A Newsletter in which to make birth, anniversary, and other announcements, will be part of the newsgroup make up. Also this newsletter will include the links to all regulars home pages. There will also be a section where we will have Movie Reviews, Book Reviews, and short stories and poetry by the regulars and their family and friends. Volunteers will maintain these pages and they will contribute the content.

Off Topic is considered anything that is racial, a slur to any poster, or a post that promotes illegal substances or activities. Flaming of any kind, is off topic and should be avoided when possible.

news:alt.discuss.conversation.chit-chat will be a family oriented Newsgroup, and all people of all races and religion will be welcome to join this cyber family. This is an opportunity for new posters, who have no established Home Newsgroup, or posters wishing for a change, to get together and form our own Home Newsgroup. With the emphasis on diversity and just plain fun.

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Creation Date: July 20, 1999
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