Group: alt.discuss Date: Thu, Feb 24, 2000, 1:01am From:

Proposal: alt.discuss.conversation.the-unknown

Charter for alt.discuss.conversation.the-unknown:

This group is for people who want to meet and talk about their feelings on issues of the unknown. Things we all have opinions about, but no solid answers. Suggested topics appropriate for this newsgroup might be, but are not limited to your thoughts and feelings on: 1- Angels... 2- Spirits... 3- Miracles...4- Soulmates...5- Kindred Spirits...6- Karma...7- Our Purpose On Earth...8- Life After Death... 9- Can the deceased communicate with us... 10- Is there such a thing as psychic ability. Anyone with a webtv or access to webtv is invited to join. This includes people of all ages, races, religions, and beliefs. Posters should be acquainted with their Terms Of Service agreement and attempt to conform to those rules. Off topic conversation is allowed as are html tags, but both should be used only in moderation. Because we are talking about subjects that have no conclusive or solid answers, a difference of opinion is expected, but should be expressed in a polite manner.

Disallowed behavior of the group would be, but is not limited to: 1- Flaming... 2- Posting of pornography...3- Spamming...4- Trolls... 5- Or any direct attempts to disrupt the flow of the group. All violators could be reported to abuse@corp... net and from there allowed that WNI take care of the problem as they see fit.

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Creation Date: Mar 3, 2000