Charter for alt.discuss.disability.learning

It is the intent of this proposed NewsGroup to provide a public forum for those who have various forms of learning disabilities.

Many of these disabilities are misunderstood by the public. For example, dsylexia makes it difficult to process written langauge, both in reading and in writing, but does not affect a person's intellectual abilities.

Yet many may judge us only on our public posts. This fear of ridicule often prevents many with learning.disabilities from fully participating in all the WWW has to offer. This is unfortunate and group hopes to rememdy that.

A key goal in proposing this group is simply to minimize the possibility of being flamed for possible spelling and grammatical errors. We will also be a social and support group where we can share resources and stratagies on overcoming our disabilities.

While this group is being proposed mainly for those with learning disabilities of all ages, we welcome all to visit this group to learn and share information on the topic.

Proper Netiquite will be required of all who post, and violations of the Web tv Term Of Service will be reported.

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Creation Date: Aug 6, 1998