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Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.disability.peer-advocacy

A charter was not submitted for this group at the time it was proposed.

Charter/discription for alt.discuss.disability.peer-advocacy

The Creation of alt.discuss.disability.peer-advocacy is a group that has been a much needed one. In this Group you will get updates on Disability Issues, Help with questions on Benefits, and or Entitlements (such as Social Security, Madicare, Medicaid, Programs) Advocacy Issues. Legislative Laws on Disability. Discussions on what u think we can do to change certain Laws, and regulations, Discrimination, and we can support each other in our time of need. This Group was created for everyone to help each other, to be as a support system for each other.

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Deleted: alt.discuss.disability.peer-advocacy

alt.discuss.disability.peer-advocacy had no articles posted to it in 14 days.

Creation Date: July 26, 1999
Deletion Date: Aug 6, 2001