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Proposal for as:
A Webtv-only newsgroup for the visually-challenged Webtv user.

This group will provide a forum which will address both form and content as they relate to the low-vision Webtv subscriber.

As to form: The use of large-size fonts and/or all-caps will be preferred and NOT considered poor netiquette. In addition, the use of light-colored text on a dark background will be encouraged. These considerations are necessary to ensure that posts are visually accessible to those with limited eyesight.

As to content: Discussions shall include, but not be limited to, adaptive life skills, similar life situations and the shared experience inherent to living in a sighted world.

Observance of the Webtv Terms of Service, and polite behavior, will be expected. Any disregard for these expectations will be frowned upon.

Creation Date: Oct 28, 1998