Group: alt.discuss.config Date: Mon, Feb 22, 1999, 7:10am From:

Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.dvd

I'm proposing this newsgroup so everyone can have a forum to discuss about general DVD topics. DVD is the best video format in the world right now ad I'm sure lots of people would be interested in this newsgroup! We would be discussing: new DVD players on the market, answer how to questions, legislations about DVD, announce new DVD info sites, upcoming movies on DVD, etc...

I know the newsgroup alt.discuss.dvd-titles has passed recently but it reflects only that: titles. This forum would be dedicated to everything else DVD.

I'm sure lots other people feel the same about DVD! Hepl me to acquire this newsgroup!

Group: alt.discuss.config.announce Date: Wed, Dec 6, 2000, 1:11am From:

Deleted: alt.discuss.dvd

alt.discuss.dvd had no articles posted to it in 14 days.

Creation Date: Mar 2, 1999
Deletion Date: Dec 6, 2000