An unmoderated group for the discussion of the popular and award winning Science Fiction comedy television show Red Dwarf produced by the BBC in the U.K.

This tv show is very popular with television Sci-Fi fans as well as comedy show fans. It usually plays on public broadcasting stations as was bidded on by Comedy Central (cable channel). The groiup will cover discussion of the current episodes and the up and comeing Series 8 and the Theatrical movie that will be released soon. The reason I would like to see this newsgroup created is that there are many fans of this tv show with Webtv units and there is no alt.dicuss group that would provide our unique posting capabilities related to the tv show. Also, there is no 'Sci-Fi comedy' Webtv based newsgroups and would be an unmoderated, free forum for tv comedy, Sci-Fi comedy, and Red Dwarf itself.

Discription for

This group was created because Usenet groups on the BBC-TV show Red Dwarf were very un-Web tv friendly. Like myself, I knew there was a Fandom of this Sci-Fi TV comedy using Web tv that were frustrated about this. By the beginning of May 1998, I had enough votes for this newsgroup.

-information provided by Martin Jones

Creation Date: Apr 12, 1998