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Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.god-talk.prayer.chapel


During the past several months, there have been individuals who have sought inspiration and prayer fellowship in alt.discuss.god-talk and alt.discuss.god-talk.christian, only to find discussions of controversial topics. Such discussions, which are often lengthy and heated, have turned away many such individuals, who, consequently, would never return to these two newsgroups.

After several attempts to return the focus of these two groups to prayer and fellowship, it has become clear that theological, social and political debates would continue. Consequently, this poster has concluded that there is a need to form a new newsgroup that is dedicated to prayer and fellowship.


The purpose of this newsgroup is to provide a place where individuals may pray for one another and find support for their spiritual needs. Items for posting include prayer requests, praises, personal testimonies, meditations, inspirational poetry and quotes, hymns and links to web sites that promote prayer. Marcos Caceres

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Creation Date: Dec 1, 1998

Deletion Date: Sept 5, 2001