Charter/discription for alt.discuss.goodnite

Goodnite was started by Chiliman in the summer of 1997. The original purpose of the group was for those with sleep-disorders, to get together at all hours of the day or night to offer support and exchange information.

To quote Chiliman; "Most of the early posts and posters were writing about their sleep problems, sleep remedies and reputable sleep disorder centers...This was all valuable stuff but something else was emerging simultaneously."

"Along with the personal stories of sleep problems and their cures, personalities were emerging ... and as we became more comfortable with one another, a real friendship/kinship bond was beginning to develop between us. With every new person who stayed long enough to post, an extension of that friendship and comraderie was freely offered up for anyone new."

"And this has become the essence of "Goodnite". Friendship, comraderie and caring qualities that one would think to be highly unlikely to develop between such a geographically, culturally, ethnically diverse group of people. But it did and it continues to do so."

By the way..We always leave the nightlight on for those who happen to wander in looking for a place to call home!

-information provided by Redsandle (Sandi B.)


Creation Date: 1997