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This group will be to discuss multiple topics relating to diabetes. Discussion will revolve around those that are dealing with having this disease and those that care about and for them.

Topics of discussion:
1. Those recently diagnosed.

2. Those that have had diabetes short-term or since childhood.

3. Relatives, friends, lovers and spouses living with someone with the above criteria.

4. Support for all of the above.

5. Information garnered from the net that can be of help to the group.

6. Discussion of the different types of diabetes. Management, diet and medical treatments used.

7. Current news regarding medical research toward assisting in diabetes managemnt or a cure.

8. Discussion of ways to assist in furthering that research through available avenues. has been deleted had no articles posted to it in 14 days.

Creation Date: Jan 30, 2000
Deletion Date: Oct 2000