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Charter for

CHARTER has been formed to help us all understand how toxicity relates to our body functions and to discuss openly, how we feel about ourselves, perhaps to learn of technologies from sources not commonly being presented to us. To discuss, as we understand a subject or substance, to learn how others might feel about the same matter, to share sites on related subjects. To share our experiences with our connections to any health field. More Explicitly: Are There Rules For Posting In

1.)   No flaming, no name calling, no accusations.

2.) All are to be treated with respect and consideration.

3.) Trolls should be ignored and not responded to.

4.) Opinions are of the writer, and should not be misconstrued.

5.) Is This Group Moderated? No, it is not. There are no controls over what is posted. Posts cannot be deleted or changed.   

6.) Who Can Post In with WebTV Service has acc ess to this NewsGroup.

7.) What Can I Do If I Have A Problem With Someone Who Posts Here? Please e-mail your hostess to discuss the problem and seek a solution.  

8.) What Does Dr Veronneau Do In The responsibilities are of Dr Veronneau's choosing. Visiting the site at least once a day (usually 3 or 4 times), post to threads, start new threads, e-mail people when it may be waranted, promote the group, talk about the group, pray about the group, dream about the group.   

9.) Who Is Dr Veronneau Anyway? The person who started this group. Dr Veronneau, has several achievements, she has a doctorate in metaphysical studies, a degree in accounting, and a doctorate in Science.   A retiree, researching, and passing on information from her resources, hoping that all will be able to have better health, and understanding of the physical self.

10.) Any, or all abuse, of any kind, whether from the hostess, or the contributors will be

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