Charter for alt.discuss.katzenjammer.jerk-kofs

WHEREAS a.d.katzenjammer has become the laughing stock of lame, crippled,weak and ineffectual flame groups and

WHEREAS there should be a haven for the former posters of KATZ who have recognized what a SHAM KATZ has become, a diluted, namby-pamby wasteland of irrelevant and limpid postings, disguised as a flame group, but which is only a group worthy of lighting farts and

WHEREAS the smell of burning KATZ ass has gotten so bad that it is hard to stay in the NG long enough to post a reply to disjointed and poorly written threads and

WHEREAS Corn farts, men in dresses. blue Queens, powder puff dragons, and disgraced trailor park trash women have so belittled the once great Knighthood of alt.discuss........

BE IT THEREFORE resloved the on Sunday the 18th Day of Oct in the Nineteenhundred and ninetyeigth year of our Lord that the posters of alt.discuss a webtv domain proclaim the need for this new NG.

Formal Charter will be proposed upon the creation of the new NG.


Creation Date: Oct 26, 1998