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Proposal for the creation of

Proposal for from ole68

Purpose: A newsgroup for interested participants to discuss issues related to cardiopulmonary disorders and treatment in which to provide advocacy to the webtv community. Private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Managed Care reimbursement related to cardiopulmonary disorders as well as social services advocacy will be provided.

Target Group: Family, friends, and anyone that suffers from a cardiopulmonary disorder. Anyone that smokes is welcome to participate as I will conduct an on-going smoking cessation clinic for those interested in learning how to quit smoking.

Format: Questions will be answered as accurately as possible with source references given for all information. I will research topical threads and give my input. Informational posts will be followed by connecting URL in which the participant will be directed to further information regarding their question.

Disclaimer: I am a board certified respiratory therapist, licensed to assess and treat cardiopulmonary disorders. I AM NOT A PHYSICIAN, and any information related to diagnosing and treatment of your cardiopulmonary disorder should be discussed with your personal physician, FIRST! I CANNOT AND WILL NOT DIAGNOSE ANY DISEASE PROCESS!

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Creation Date: Dec 6, 1999