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The Pest-Eradication FAQ

This group is a place to discuss the control and eradication of various pests. We welcome all newcomers. Discussing bug problems can be embarrasing, yet almost all of us have pest problems at one time or another. Here is a place to discuss pest-eradication with people who understand. You may find a solution to your problem here, and better yet, you may have a solution for us!

Group History

This group was originally in the alt.discuss.Jenny-Mccarthy group until this group was created on Sep 2, 1998. This group started off as a protest against fradulent voting procedures that led to the ceation of the Jenny group. Over time it became clear there was actually a niche for a group discussing pest control. Originally the group was limited to roaches. Several attempts to create a Roach-eradication group by voting failed. Evenually the groups focus changed to insects in general, then finally pests. This allowed for more discussion and the eventual passing of this group.

Group Rules

The following posts are acceptable here: Any personal stories, including humorous, dealing with pests.

Reccomended products and actions for dealing with pests.

URL's for pest-related items on the net.

Any request for pest-related help.

The following posts are considered off-topic and are unacceptable here.

Any post that is posted to offend or defame another poster.

Any links to non-pest related products or sites.


Creation Date: Sept 2, 1998