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Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.movies.jamesbond

I propose this newsgroup for fans of 007 movies. I will have a ng webpage for this ONLY if it passes. I dont wan't to waste space. So, if you like James Bond, you'll like to have this ng! I will provide many information about the upcoming movies, etc.. Like "007, The World Is Not Enough" stuff like that. Info on the videogame releases for the playstation (Tomowrow Never Dies) and cheats for Goldeneye 007. YES, you can cross the damn to the other side of the water! But this ng needs to be active first.

There are rules for this ng also:
1. NO Trolling.
2. NO Spamming (Unless it's 007 related)
3. Stay on Topic.
4. NO Pornography
5. NO Swearing
6. NO Fighting
7. NO flaming
8. Be usefull

Is these rules are NOT followed. Abuse@web will be contacted, and you will be in trouble. Thank's.

And one more thing. There could be kids like me and this ng, and we do NOT need to hear offensive stuf. See 5.

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