Charter/discription for alt.discuss.n2play

At the time closed and the formation of the w.groups was announced, n2play requested

'Re: Gay WebTV' was a never-ending thread at . This was the original name of his homepage which concentrated on WebTV "techie" material, and had chat and discussion board areas for his gay WebTV friends--who had been told numerous times by a few of the more vocal at to find their own place. His hopes were that it could be a forum for them to further experiment and learn rather than bother the folks who were not interested yet in HTML.

webtv.users rarely touched the HTML topic and the thought of having an HTML 'playground' was exciting. Tommy quickly learned from others that people would not feel comfortable participating in the group, even though the group offered technical help, because of the group name.

On June 2, 1997, Dave Mack sat up late that night posting at and fielding e-mail newsgroup requests from his home. Tommy requested the group w.n2play as a technical group so that the other could deal exclusively with gay discussions. Taking his cue from the w.mighty.joe groups which were quickly identified with its host's discussions on politics and current events, Tommy requested w.n2play because a good number of participants of alt.weemba were going to him for HTML and general WebTV help, and the name became known among the group as to where to direct a question.

-information obtained from an article by Catherine Kelley in NET4TV Voice

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Creation Date: June 1997