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Charter & FAQs

Pet-Rights is an open forum for the discussion of pet-rights and pet welfare.


This NewsGroup Covers The Following Topics: Anything relating to the rights and welfare of pets and their owners.

Subject matter includes but is not limited to: Pet rights issues and discussion; the lack of laws protecting our beloved pets in various geographic locations; the enactment of acceptable pet laws to be further used and templated in those areas that lack this, abuse issues; veterinary malpractice areas, the issue of our pets just being mere property/tort/chattle; other awareness issues as proposed by group; annalysis and discussion of current pet right issues; and a place to help the pet owner with their local issues and problems addressed above.

This NewsGroup was created to give the everyday pet owner a place to discuss their pet rights and welfare concers. There are other animal rights groups in the alt.discuss world, but mainly strive at covering the larger world and national issues at hand (such as endandered species, save the whales, air force test chimps, vegetarian right issues, circus animals, severe abuse issues, zoo animals, and other such areas).

I respect these other animal rights groups and encourage participation, but they lack the simple everyday issues of our pets, our second children, our other loved family members. This newsgroup will hopefully provide a place for the direct targeting of the more localized, personal pet issues at hand in our communities.

HISTORY was started in April of 1999. After my family suffered the loss of our beloved canine family member of 9 years at the hands of an animal hospital, then experienced their lack of concerns and neglegence over this matter. We then researched the legalities and statutes in my state and discovered that our precious family member was just a piece of property (tort or chattle in legal terms) instead of a living being, worth only the current market value or replacement value in the eyes of the law. In our case our beloved TOASTY (our dog) was a mixed breed, and only valued at the cost of adoption from a local shelter, or simply about $75!!!! When this low price tag is put on our love pets, then why do professional facilities have to be responsible when handling our pets??? Their neglegence cost them next to nothing!!! Then we even realized when examing statutes that veterinarians and other select groups and individuals are exempt from so called animal (pet) abuse laws, and some cases even exclude the owners!!!! This experience and research then WOKE us up!!!!

Then in the search to discuss these issues, we found many other individuals in similar circumstances as us, and encountered many home pages covering the specific pet rights issues as I listed above. But, in searching and watching discussion groups we found mainly that all of them target the larger and national/world level issues, as I stated above. We then began our quest to enact a discussion group for the simple pet owner and their pets rights, and here we are!!!


Are There Rules For Posting In Pet-Rights?
There are no Rules but there are Guidelines:
1) NO flaming, no name calling.
2) We treat everyone with respect and consideration.
3) No one tries to force their opinions or beliefs repetively at anyone else.
4) Share all positive and negative issues and experiences.

Is This Group Moderated?
No, it is not. I have no control over what is posted. I cannot delete posts, or change them, or anything.

Who Can Post In Pet-Rights?
Anyone that can access this group.

What Can I Do If I Have A Problem With Someone Who Posts Here?
Try to work it out, but if there is too much of a problem from specific individuals or groups, then those with pc's can use killfiles, those of us with web tv's have to just simply ignor.

What Does Judy Do In Pet-Rights?
My responsibilities are the ones I have chosen to take on. I will visit at least once a day (usually 3 or 4 times), post to threads, start new threads, e-mail people when I feel it is warrented, promote the group, talk about the group, and give my 2 cents when I feel the urge!!

Who Is Judy Anyway?
I am the person who started this group in April of 1999 after having my experiences above and decided to help in the voicing of the rights and welfare of our animals. _________________________________

TOASTY '.... Lost By Our VET ....' Stand Up For Animal Rights!!! has been deleted had no articles posted to it in 14 days.

Creation Date: Apr 8, 1999
Deletion Date: July 2000