Charter for alt.discuss.sapphireschats

This newsgroup is for the thousads of people that goto Sapphires Chat they can Post anything they want to talk about and get lots of help from the other people from the chat

Group was abandoned and not in use-
posted intent to revive-
DATE- Sept.14,1999

Charter for alt.discuss.sapphireschats

The newsgroup SAPPHIRESCHATS- is first and above all a (family oriented group.) Our group is to be considered G-Rated. We welcome topics of interest and current affairs. The postings, pictures, icons and gifs are to be in good taste, and reflective of the charter standards.    

Material is this group is to be posted as not to offend the wide spectrum of ages posting in this group. We welcome anyone wishing to post in a wholesome but, interesting news group , please join us. Our topics are a broad spectrum of many interests, hobbies, recipes, poetry, humorous happenings and related G- materials. No Commercial or profit making themes. This is not a Commercial site.

1. Everyone is to be treated in a fair and just manner and with the utmost respect.
2. No Flames nor curse words allowed.
3. We are allowed our opinions and beliefs but, we do not tolerate an individual to be confrontational to others about their opinions.  
   4. This group is based on Friendship, Caring, Sharing & Love. We stress family values.

  Please enjoy your stay and membership here.

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Creation Date: Nov 7, 1998
Deletion Date: July 2000