Group: alt.discuss.config Date: Tue, Jul 13, 1999, 2:10pm From:

Proposal for the creation of

Charter for

Introduction: will be a newsgroup where people can post images, questions, and info of an scientific nature.

What would be On Topic:
1. Images, info, or questions concerning a general or specific aspect of science
2. Info or questions about theories or research.
3. Info or questions about events such as scientific conventions, talks, trips, etc.
4. Posting about things happening in other newsgroups.
5. Info or questions about scientific equipment and how it works
6. Info or questions about government's involvement in science.
7. Requests for help with science related homework.
8. Links to articles and websites about science

What would be Off Topic:
1. Metaphysics, religion, or other spiritual topics(except if presented as a topic in a sociological or phycological context). There are other alt.discuss groups for these subjects.
2. General help questions about alt.discuss, html, sigs, and homepages.
3.Vote for ng posts(except for new proposals)
4. Anything else not related to Science.

What will not be tolerated!!
2. Trolling
3. Flaming
4. All spammers, trolls, and flamers should be ignored and reported to

Yes. This will be a sig friendly news group. Also, you are encouraged to use your HTML skills to post scientific images. If the need arises for a more discussion oriented group I (or someone else if they want to) can propose a text-only sister group.

Charter Web Page has been deleted had no articles posted to it in 14 days.

Creation Date: July 21, 1999
Deletion Date: Aug 2000