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Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.state.district-of-columbia

Pass or not i'm goin' for it. This one will not be cancelled

This newsgroup will be for the discussion of, but not limited to, economy, sports, recreation, lifestyle, nightlife, environment, crime & punishment and of course politics in and around our nation's capital. Flames and trolls will in most likelyhood arise especially if political debates occur so please ignore those individuals and try to keep it friendly & informative. Please refrain from excess html in your sigs and for god's sake no RAM! ...even when we aquire G2 as promised, (yea right). Also, please keep your spam in the can. This charter along with a FAQ & history section will be placed on a webpage and posted bi-monthly in the newgroup if it passes. Thank you

Charter Web Page

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alt.discuss.state.district-of-columbia has been deleted

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