Group: alt.discuss.config Date: Tue, Dec 14, 1999, 2:37pm From:

Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.state.ohio

Charter for alt.discuss.state.ohio:

A place where people can talk about current events related to and about Ohio.

Group: alt.discuss Date: Wed, Dec 15, 1999, 10:29am From:

Modified charter for proposed newsgroup alt.discuss.state.ohio

Modified charter for alt.discuss.state.ohio:

news:alt.discuss.state.ohio is a Newsgroup for those residents of the Buckeye State that desire some interesting conversation, a few laughs, a place to call home in cyberspace, and the opportunity to meet future friends.

This Newsgroup will be a general discussion group, with the emphasis on getting to know one another and discussing anything and everything pertaining to the Buckeye State, as per the desire of the regular posters.

Off Topic is considered anything that is racial, a slur to any poster, or a post that promotes illegal substances or activities. Flaming of any kind, is off topic and should be avoided when possible.

news:alt.discuss.state.ohio will be a family oriented Newsgroup, and all people of all races and religion will be welcome to join this cyber family. This is an opportunity for all posters, who either reside in the Buckeye State, or have an interest in the Buckeye State to join together in friendship and fellowship, with the emphasis on diversity and just plain fun.