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Proposal for the creation of alt.discuss.state.texas.teens

Proposal for alt.discuss.state.texas.teens from Name14

This news group would be a fun place for teens from Texas to meet other teens from the same state and age group. A place where we can talk about our state, family, and friends, and possibly make new friends that are from our area, and share homepages and ideas. Anything about Texas would be on topic, and casual conversation would also be considered on topic. Off topic posts would include anything of adult nature, like nudity, and links to nudity, swearing, and posts of sexual nature, etc. Postings of real audio will be discouraged, along with chain letters, spam, fighting, bombs, and other things that are considered off topic in most other news groups.

ALL rights to posters privacy should be followed, along with the rules that apply to the WebTV Terms of Service.

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Deleted: alt.discuss.state.texas.teens

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Creation Date: Jan 7, 2000
Deletion Date: Feb 12, 2001