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Charter for alt.discuss.webtv.cannabis.society:

For the discussion of medical Marijuana,the healing factors of Cannibis. The purpose for fellow Webtv-ers to discuss the pro's and con's of medical Marijuana and its pill form Marinol. Freedom of speech and passing laws to decriminalize Marijuana once and for all.        

October 2000 marked the 63rd anniversary of the enactment of marijuana prohibition, and will represent a golden opportunity to re-evaluate a failing public, and economic policy. Marijuana still remains the third most popular recreational drug in the United States, after alcohol and tobacco, despite six ignorant decades of criminal prohibition. No rest for the truly free. Clearly, prohibition has failed to eliminate or even significantly deter its huge use among the American public. Many successful business, professional and political (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton, Al & Tipper Gore, Bill Bradley....Just to name the familiar one's) leaders acknowledge they used marijuana. It is time that our state and federal laws reflect that damn reality! Let freedom ring.

This NG will give us a forum to debate and prolificate the subject at hand.

Remember that 'freedom is just a word for nothing else to loose'?

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