Group: alt.discuss.config Date: Wed, Jun 16, 1999, 8:40pm From:

Proposal for the creation of

This groups is soley for the discussion of the feature of WebTV's Page Builder.

This is a mild HTML Group. If you have a relevant question that has to do with the page builder than you may post it.

It may also be used to promote your Community Page. ONLY IF IT IS DONE THROUGH THE PAGE BUILDER. ALL OTHER PAGES THAT ARE PROMOTED THROUGHT THIS NEWSGROUP THAT IS PERSONAL (ie WILL BE FORWARDED TO THE APPROPRIATE INDVIDUALS. Remember, SPAM is unwanted mail or post that is irrelevent to ones personal intrests. Not to mention it is against WebTV's TOS.

We will also discuss ways in which the Page Builder may be improved or used.

This is intended for a replacement to the usenet group WebTV has set up, and is there for ment to be firewalled from PC users.