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Discuss the Old WebTV Plus, Derby WebTV Plus, and New WebTV Plus, its capablities and it features (such as TVHTML, iTV, Windows Media, HardDisk, ect). Help for WebTV Plus users, information about the WebTV Plus for WebTV Classic users, basically anything WebTV Plus related. Help with "TVML" (TV HTML), HTML, Windows Media, ect..

1) No flaming.
2) Keep the group user friendly. You are entitled to your opinion, so if you disagree with someone, that is alright, but do it in a kind manner.
3) No mass advertising. Posting about your website is allowed. But make sure it has features made for WebTV Plus, such as a TVML Section..
4) Stay on topic. An occasional off-topic thread is alright, but try to stay on topic.
5) Be courteous. If you have a large sig, and someone requests for you to disable it before posting, please do so.
6) Be smart. Keep personal information personal.

Creation Date: Nov 30, 2001